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Product Name: Acupoint Physiotherapy Paste (Trade Name: Paste for Making Comfortable)
Apotheosis of the combination of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern science and technology
It is worthy of the name of "personal doctor”
Research and Development Unit :Shanghai Xian Yi Med. & Tech.Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturing Enterprise:Zhenjiang X L Med. Sic & Tech Co., Ltd.

Principal Material: SiO2、TiO2、AL2O3, etc more than ten kinds of nano-sized functional materials and natural plant ingredients
Product Structure: Diameter of 15 mm plaster of physiotherapy, medical tape and antiblocking protective film
Technical Indicators:6-15 microns far-infrared (biological wave), micro electric current (Micro electromagnetic field ), etc. 
Technical Conditions:Chinese patent,utility model
Mechanism of Action:After the 15 mm plaster sticking on the meridian skin,6-15μm far infrared (biological wave ) and other physical field effect is generated by functional materials in the plaster through absorbing environmental energy.3-50μm far infrared and other biological field effect is produced by acupoint cells of human body, which matches biological field effect and then " biological resonance effect" is produced. This effect can stimulate the local activity of cell, improving microcirculation and accelerating metabolism. With the continuous function of the effect, the plaster can treat localized lesion or dysfunction of organs by meridian effects.
Clinical Applications:Ease irritating cough, sore throat, migraine, sciatica, and limbs, the neck, shoulder, waist, back and other local soft tissue pain. 
Wherever is the pain or discomfort, stick on there
According to the theory of Chinese medicine acupuncture, Paste for Making Comfortable has physical therapy effect for a variety of common diseases by sticking on different acupoints. For example, sticking on "Neiguan" is also effective for palpitations, Chest tightness, hiccups, stomachache, insomnia, morning sickness, motion sickness, arm rib pain, nausea and vomiting, chest pain, abdominal pain, angina pectoris, dysmenorrheal etc, besides relieving migraines. No trauma, no sensitization response, no stimulation and no cytotoxicity. It is safe and effective, simple to use and convenient to carry. It is worthy of the name of "personal doctor”.
Method of Usage:Clean local skin,remove the antiblocking segregation paper, treat the disease by aiming  the physiotherapy paste plaster at the acupoint.
Acupoint sticking of Physiotherapy paste at Tiantu to alleviate irritating cough and other symptoms of acute or chronic pharyngitis or sticking at the point which feels pain to relief local soft tissue or neurogenic pain. Once daily, keep acupoint sticking for 6 ~ 8 hours or replace after 4-6hours if needs. The principle of Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion also can be based during the treatment.
Acupoint selection is as follows(or following the doctor's advice):taking Tiantu to alleviate symptoms of pharyngitis,taking Ashi(the acupoint where feeling pain or discomfort) to relieve the pain or discomfort, and to treat  migraine by taking Ashi and Lieque and Neiguan.

Figure On the Left (Tiantu):
Location:In the centre of the suprasternal fossa.
Figure In the Middle(Lieque): 
Location:Superior to the styloid process of the radius,1.5 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist.When the index fingers and thumbs of both hands are crossed with the indes finger of one hand placed on the styloid process of the radius of the other, the point is in the depression right under the tip of the index finger.
Figure On the Right (Neiguan):
Location:2 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist, between the tendons of m. palmaris longus and m. flexor radialis.
Attention: Prohibited for pregnant women and wound. Caution for anyone with medical glue allergy and stop using when an allergic reaction occurs. 
Specifications and Packing: 3.5 x 3.5 cm/paste, packaging in plastic bags
Period of Validity:3 years
Registration Number: Su FDA machinery, Quasi-word No. 2260702 2013 
Standard Number: YZB/Su 0805-2013
Production License:Su FDA, License No.0082 2012